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Friday, October 23, 2009

Shouts out

If I want to "shout out" multiple times is it "I have some shout-outs" or "I have some shouts-out"

Anyway, I have some.

I went to the Alternative Press Expo with my Brother Brandon. He is releasing his first comic ever (it's the story of a Green Monk with a blade of grass that is also a sword). It's SO COOL, seriously, go check it out.

Anywhoo, I met the Super Cool Bonnie Burton from Lucas Arts at APE (#APE on twitter)because I tweeted at her while she was shopping for tentacles. I sent her a picture of "the Empire Kicks Back" (my second pair of Vaders) and a few hours later I was doing an interview for THE OFFICIAL Star Wars BLOG! Go check out the interview. Bonnie helped me not look too dumb.

I was breathing a little bit heavy, but that was also because I ran up a flight of stairs. I have to say it's one of the coolest/geekiest moments of my (sad/awesome?)life. It took me a while to respond because I work in TV and video production and am in the middle of a LOT of work right now. so haven't even responded in blog form. So here it IS

THANK YOU STAR WARS, not just for being the cultural underpinnings of my youth and creating a mythos that is nigh unto religion, but also for having an awesome blog and deciding to license that sleeping bag (no matter WHERE the idea came from).

Since then it's been picked up by a number of cool folks. I want to send shouts outs to new visitors that take my visits per week WAY above my one a week average it was before (check out the sitemeter below if'n you are interested).


I've also been mention in, the daily what, and stumbleupon has been sending a lot of folks my way as well.

So thanks peeps, tweeps and bloggers. This shout is out for you!

I have a whole bunch of shoes and with the latest traffic, I have reason to show them, so check back in the next few days if you want some more ideas.

Friday, March 20, 2009

These Boots were made for Rockin'

Mike's a lawyer. I met him in Jr. High. Later we played soccer together. But that's just antecedent, and not really relevant to the shoes at hand (or at foot).

Michael, as he would be known around the internet, is a lawyer, but you can't make shoes about the law. But he loves the guitar, specifically the guitar in the picture above. We talked about a couple of things but mostly this guitar. I like designs that stretch from one shoe to the next, not just for asymmetry (which I love) but because they make you want to click your heels together.

So this is what I did.
But I thought this was too flat and not dynamic enough. But then I remembered the LAW, specifically Real Estate Law, which Michael Esquire is involved with. So BAM, the Law (and real estate):
unfortunately I took these under low light, but I do like the way the wooden texture came out.
Michael took some pictures for me as well. Look at him rocking there (he rocks stoically).
Here are his feet, fully sheathed, and ready for rockin' (which these boots were made for).

Wear them in health (and rock), it was nice catching up with you.

Kronor? I barely new her.

Sorry about starting a blog with such a bad joke. trust me, it gets better (but not funnier).

So I have a couple of friends from the innernette. Some I have met IRL, some I have various connections too, but most are usually a little embarrassed about mentioning that is where we made friends. Not Dwight, ahem, I mean Caleb.

I met Caleb (neh Dwight) at the local internet friendshop. Then he later came to my church. One day when I was teaching Sunday School (yup), I called on him and refered to him by his internet name. I didn't even notice, nor did most of the class. He noticed, but didn't hold it against me.

Anywhoo, flash forward a bit. He met his wife (at the innernette) and moved to Sweden (totally worth it) and now develops iphone apps and does other computery things like web development (he is good at computers). he wanted a shoe that represents him and his new endeavors. We decided on capturing something that stands astride the giant ocean between old home and new home. His first iphone app was a Sweedish/English dictionary that helped you learn the language. How great is that?
So I picked images from the Sweedish 5 kronor bill and from the American ole 1 dollar greenback.

Here is a detail from the kronor kick:
I think it I like all the meaning of a figure riding a bird, full of hope and dreams. Caleb, like this fictional character doing something fantastic and magical for love.

I also like this detail from the Dollar shoe:
The all-seeing eye. He may be no mason, but Caleb is a pretty forward-thinking guy.

I hope Caleb like the shoes as much as I did. I really like the negative space and the detail. You will probably see more birds and money stuff coming out of the toothyworkshop.

Sorry you can't get Wienerschnitzel out there or Cafe Rio. When I miss you I will go to Ikea. Caleb, I mean Dwight, good luck in that crazy country.

be honest, is this guy more of a Caleb or a Dwight (not Schrute)?

Shoe Vader: the Empire Kicks Back

Well, I guess Facebook is good for more than just not working, it is also good for promoting your hobby.

Enter Christi, a friend of an internet friend, who saw some picks of kicks on facebook and she wanted a pair for her husband. So these are my first out-of-state shoes for someone I have never met.
Cory works for Blizzard, the greatest videogame company of all time. I should have graduated from college with a minor in Starcraft. I certainly put more hours in on that game than I did in many of my courses. So I hope these SciFi themed shoes fit it over on their campus (along with the giant bronze statue of an Orc astride a wolf).
I am particularly happy about how the translucent buttons from the chest plate turned out.
In the interest of full disclosure, my brother also works for Blizzard, which ended up saving me on postage as I was able to deliver the shoes to him when I was in the O.County when I was there for a wedding. (more on that later)

But all of these connections to Blizzard makes me wonder why I haven't done a starcraft-themed shoe(Perhaps it is that pesky copyright infringement law)? Maybe I will do a diablo themed shoe with unicorns shooting rainbows. Any takers?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Arrow Kicks

Which way did he go? Some Vans for Brad.

Sometimes fun designs don't need to be overly thought out. Vans has a new line of cyclist vans. They don't lend themselves to detail will, but bold graphics work. I really like the black white (with a little silver).

The shoes come with black AND white laces. I think he should put in the black laces. What do you think?

Here is Brad, Brad has got a lot going on. He's teaching, starting an Italian tie company (I can't wait) and he's a fine salesman to boot (get it?). I think he could do any of those things well. He is figuring out which way to go. I hope these shoes will take him there.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Analog v. Digital


ANALOG(I know, there is at least one not-analog thing there)


In some ways these are the most autobiographical shoes that I have made. This could easily be done for anybody, but with your stuff, or as Steve Brule says, you could make a shoe of yours.
The collection of stuff idea is not my own. I saw it over at this guys website, but he got it from Kayleigh(?) here.

I'd like to give her proper credit (where it is due). Anyone know her?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Shoe is a shoe is a shoe

Since I already used one rose reference. These were crafted for a lovely lady. I wanted to give her a rose, and she got this half dozen.

She has had these for about six months or so, and they have held up pretty well so far.

turns out, she just wanted them for her cat. (wink emoticon) I'm kind of scared of that cat, he's cute, but he looks like Hitler.

Imperial Walkers

Shout out to Smythers who came up with the name for these. As an experiment I use 10$ Walmart shoes (called no boundaries). I am wearing these RIGHT NOW (as I write, not as your read).

A shoe by any other name...

People have been asking me what type of shoe to use. Up to this point I have mostly worked on vans (which have a customizeable option). Specifically I have mostly worked on white vans and blue vans, mostly of the slip-on variety. (I get them here, but you can also get them here). There is no reason why I use vans other than there is a vans store near my house and they make a canvas shoe. However I have worked on other types of shoes, other colors, and other cuts (see more coming soon). I have done shoes for children and shoes in a size 16, which I loved with lots of canvas.

The truth is that other than the simple styling, I don't love vans. Their color and fit and inconsistent and even though I have more than 10 pairs I still have to try them on each time. The good news is even if they don't fit, they are slip ons which is a very forgiving design.

I have worked on Chucks and just to test a theory, I tried a pair of vans knock-offs from Walmart. They worked pretty well, but bled a little bit. you'll see those soon. I'd like to try some on Tom's Shoes more becaus of what they are doing. I don't think their design is ideal for drawing on. I'd really like to try some designs for men and women on Treetorns, (I think I want to figure out a medium that works on rubber boots). The key is minimal design and a lot of canvas to draw/paint on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The YargBott 2000

Direct from the year 2000 comes the Yargbott.

These are a custom design for my brother Ethan. We did an extreme brother makeover the other day and I threw in a free pair of shoes as part of the fun. It was fun flipping through sketches and deciding on what he liked, and what fit his personality. He definitely didn't want "hipster" shoes and definitely no Star Wars. I like the idea of a screaming robot. Ethan gets full credit for the speech bubble. It was a fun collaboration.

His feet are different sizes and while shopping at the Vans store in Fashion Place mall we learned how inconsistent Vans can be in their color and their sizing.

Darth Kicks

I tried these fellows out over the weekend and the force is strong with them.

The buttons are the chest plate of Darth Vader's costume. I like these shoes, but I think they lack the strong linear quality of some of my earlier designs. I have some other SW themed shoes that I will probably create soon. So far the main reason for creating them is fun names. Friends have suggested the following :
Bobba Feet (mine)
Imperial Walkers (Adam)
Ewalks (Cam)
ShoeBacca (Cameron again)

The Ewalks or ShoeBacca could be cool with gold on brown shoes. I already drew on my brown pair (pics coming soon), but you can never have too many shoes, can you? (Imelda Marcos, I am not talking to you).

Some of the names are better than the designs. But I have a white pair of vans aching to become storm troopers, and I will probably do some Bobba Feet for Adam's kid Gunner (if they get me the shoes). If anyone has other idea go ahead and throw them out.

Price Point and Priming the Pump

So to start off, I based my pricing on a lot of custom shoe doodlers on Etsy. Many were charging 100-200$. While I thought that a big bag of money would be nice (especially if it had a dollar sign written on the side) I thought, well I don't need that much money.

50$ might not be the right price point, and since this blog is as much about this process as it is about shoe designs I'd like to get your input (loyal readers). To prime the pump, here is my special offer, for the next 10 designs I will customize your shoe for 10$. The next 10 comissions will be 20$. I hope this will be a nice experiment in capitalism/craft. I don't really need the money, I'd just like this hobby to be able to pay for itself.

Also, you can get in touch with me through the email in my profile or order a pair of shoes through this new email:


I hope that fools the internet bots.

Sho(e)ut Out

Thanks to the Haleks who blogged about some shoes I did. I did some Ick's Kicks for Brandon. These were the first of the feathered shoes that I did, and I liked them so much that I have now done three pair. I'd like to try the same design with gold feathers on a brown shoe, any takers?

and some Kitty Kicks for Annie. It was challenging to work a design into the smaller shoe space. I have another Cat-themed shoe I want to try. Maybe I should start posting shoe sketches and get some feedback to what people think.

Monday, January 19, 2009


After I made a few shoes for myself I started making them for friends. Enter the Kickzilla, a shoe tearing an unsuspecting city to pieces. I made these for my friend Rebecca. I think she liked them.
Here is me, enjoying being a cobbler:

Cloud Kicks

These are some of the first vans I did. I have worn them all over this world of ourn, including one coast to coast USA trip and they have held up pretty well.

I was learning a lot back then about what works and what wears down and what not and I am still learning. I have been wearing them for two years now and the designs have held up better than the shoes.

It kind-of typifies what I like to do. A simple graphic with a strong linear element. I sometimes call these my skywalkers but George Lucas is going to get mad a me (But if he isn't now, he will be when he sees darth kick, coming soon). Turns out "Cloudkicker" is also a trademarked name (Thanks Tailspin). I'm going to update this design soon.

Ick's Kicks

Icarus made a pair of wings and flew too close to the sun. To keep it a little bit safer, I put the wings on the feet and didn't use wax.

I have been drawing a lot of feathers lately so they started making it onto some shoes.

He wants a shoehorn, the kind with teeth

Hello world. Welcome to the toothy shoehorn. I am starting to customize shoes for people. I have been doing it for fun for a while and I have been enjoying it. It gives a fella something to do whilst watching Battlestar.

This is where you can come to see my latest designs as well as contact me if you are interested in a pair of kicks. Currently I work with Vans shoes, for no other reason than there is a Vans store near my house and they have a lot of canvas on them. I have also worked on Chucks as well as keds. While I am getting my store up and running. I am going to charge only 50$ on top of the price of shoes (which is about 40$). Right now you will have to put up with one of my own designs, because I like to draw what I like to draw. Check back to see new designs, or contact me if you have an idea that you you would like to try out we can figure out a new price for that.

so let me know if you are interested in a pair of custom kicks.