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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Formal Friday

I like dressing up. So sue me. I'd much rather wear a suit and tie than "business casual" a look I refer to as "office uncomfortable". Seriously, does anybody LIKE wearing a polo shirt and dockers (bunchem' ups)?

I check out fashion blogs quite a bit. Like the Sartorialist, and Put This On. I don't know if it is fanship or voyeurism. I am not that sartorially inclined, but I love a sharp suit, and I own over 100 ties. and a couple dozen pairs of shoes (some of my own making). I have some friends that run Blog Launderette, and a very stylish friend who has the Mansvolk men's blog. But I don't really consider myself "fashionable", I kind of just like to dress like me.

I can kind of wear whatever I want around the office, so I think I am going to institute "Formal Fridays", you can wear whatever you want during the weak, but on Friday I will wear a tie. I think it will actually make the weekend more enjoyable. With the sharp look I can focus on that last day of the week, really knock it out of the park, then cast that tie asunder and enjoy the weekend (or go to a wedding reception).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sorry shoe lovers

I have been leaving you all out in the cold. I need to post my Alice in wonderland shoes, a few pairs of Tom's that I have done and what not. I am having more time for this sort of thing these days, so if you are willing to hang out with me for an evening, I might even do a pair of shoes for you for the price of being my friend.