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Friday, October 23, 2009

Shouts out

If I want to "shout out" multiple times is it "I have some shout-outs" or "I have some shouts-out"

Anyway, I have some.

I went to the Alternative Press Expo with my Brother Brandon. He is releasing his first comic ever (it's the story of a Green Monk with a blade of grass that is also a sword). It's SO COOL, seriously, go check it out.

Anywhoo, I met the Super Cool Bonnie Burton from Lucas Arts at APE (#APE on twitter)because I tweeted at her while she was shopping for tentacles. I sent her a picture of "the Empire Kicks Back" (my second pair of Vaders) and a few hours later I was doing an interview for THE OFFICIAL Star Wars BLOG! Go check out the interview. Bonnie helped me not look too dumb.

I was breathing a little bit heavy, but that was also because I ran up a flight of stairs. I have to say it's one of the coolest/geekiest moments of my (sad/awesome?)life. It took me a while to respond because I work in TV and video production and am in the middle of a LOT of work right now. so haven't even responded in blog form. So here it IS

THANK YOU STAR WARS, not just for being the cultural underpinnings of my youth and creating a mythos that is nigh unto religion, but also for having an awesome blog and deciding to license that sleeping bag (no matter WHERE the idea came from).

Since then it's been picked up by a number of cool folks. I want to send shouts outs to new visitors that take my visits per week WAY above my one a week average it was before (check out the sitemeter below if'n you are interested).


I've also been mention in, the daily what, and stumbleupon has been sending a lot of folks my way as well.

So thanks peeps, tweeps and bloggers. This shout is out for you!

I have a whole bunch of shoes and with the latest traffic, I have reason to show them, so check back in the next few days if you want some more ideas.

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