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Friday, March 20, 2009

These Boots were made for Rockin'

Mike's a lawyer. I met him in Jr. High. Later we played soccer together. But that's just antecedent, and not really relevant to the shoes at hand (or at foot).

Michael, as he would be known around the internet, is a lawyer, but you can't make shoes about the law. But he loves the guitar, specifically the guitar in the picture above. We talked about a couple of things but mostly this guitar. I like designs that stretch from one shoe to the next, not just for asymmetry (which I love) but because they make you want to click your heels together.

So this is what I did.
But I thought this was too flat and not dynamic enough. But then I remembered the LAW, specifically Real Estate Law, which Michael Esquire is involved with. So BAM, the Law (and real estate):
unfortunately I took these under low light, but I do like the way the wooden texture came out.
Michael took some pictures for me as well. Look at him rocking there (he rocks stoically).
Here are his feet, fully sheathed, and ready for rockin' (which these boots were made for).

Wear them in health (and rock), it was nice catching up with you.


Anonymous said...

These are amazing! Can you send me pics of the care bears? Angela

I'm so excited!

Adrian the Dad said...

love 'em!

Natalie said...

these are killer! i would love to have you hook me up with a pair. how does that work?

Damian said...

Natalie, You can email me at toothyshoehor (at sign) gmail dot com. I am a little behind right now so it might be a couple of weeks out. I would have contacted you directly but I can't access your profile.