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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A shoe by any other name...

People have been asking me what type of shoe to use. Up to this point I have mostly worked on vans (which have a customizeable option). Specifically I have mostly worked on white vans and blue vans, mostly of the slip-on variety. (I get them here, but you can also get them here). There is no reason why I use vans other than there is a vans store near my house and they make a canvas shoe. However I have worked on other types of shoes, other colors, and other cuts (see more coming soon). I have done shoes for children and shoes in a size 16, which I loved with lots of canvas.

The truth is that other than the simple styling, I don't love vans. Their color and fit and inconsistent and even though I have more than 10 pairs I still have to try them on each time. The good news is even if they don't fit, they are slip ons which is a very forgiving design.

I have worked on Chucks and just to test a theory, I tried a pair of vans knock-offs from Walmart. They worked pretty well, but bled a little bit. you'll see those soon. I'd like to try some on Tom's Shoes more becaus of what they are doing. I don't think their design is ideal for drawing on. I'd really like to try some designs for men and women on Treetorns, (I think I want to figure out a medium that works on rubber boots). The key is minimal design and a lot of canvas to draw/paint on.

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