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Monday, January 26, 2009

Darth Kicks

I tried these fellows out over the weekend and the force is strong with them.

The buttons are the chest plate of Darth Vader's costume. I like these shoes, but I think they lack the strong linear quality of some of my earlier designs. I have some other SW themed shoes that I will probably create soon. So far the main reason for creating them is fun names. Friends have suggested the following :
Bobba Feet (mine)
Imperial Walkers (Adam)
Ewalks (Cam)
ShoeBacca (Cameron again)

The Ewalks or ShoeBacca could be cool with gold on brown shoes. I already drew on my brown pair (pics coming soon), but you can never have too many shoes, can you? (Imelda Marcos, I am not talking to you).

Some of the names are better than the designs. But I have a white pair of vans aching to become storm troopers, and I will probably do some Bobba Feet for Adam's kid Gunner (if they get me the shoes). If anyone has other idea go ahead and throw them out.

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Damian said...

If you like these, check out the Imperial Walkers.